About registration of JINR employees in the territory of the Russian Federation

All JINR employees who are not Russian citizens are obliged to register either in the Migration Department of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (DMIA) in Dubna or in the State Protocol Department (SPD) of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A) It is possible and preferable for specialists coming for work for 3 months (90 days) to enter the country using ordinary humanitarian visas and, subsequently, to register through the migration service (employees living in an apartment or a JINR dormitory should register in the H&RC M Office at the address 6, Veksler str. contacting the passport officer; those living in rented apartments should register in the Migration Department of the DMIA in Dubna at the address 26a, Lugovaya str. by agreement with the owner of the apartment). The same procedure of registration applies to specialists from countries that are subject to visa-free entry. It is preferable to register as early as possible after the arrival (in three days). If you exceed the deadline of 7 days, you will receive penalties.

Each employee coming to JINR and living in an apartment of the JINR housing stock should visit the H&RC M Office to register the residence place.

To do it, you should see the H&RC M Office chief inspector Valentina M. Artsymovich (room 27, tel. +7 (496) 216-31-17) with your passport and migration card (if available).

Working hours:

Tuesday, Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

break from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

B) Specialists coming for work for the period of more than 3 months (90 days) should use single-entry work visas of technical staff* and register in the SPD. Such visas are not necessary for specialists from countries with visa-free entry regime. However, if their stay at JINR exceeds 90 days, they also should register in the SPD.

The JINR International Cooperation Department (6, Joliot-Curie str., room 12, tel. +7 (496) 216-51-59, avasiliev@jinr.ru, contact person: ICD leading specialist Anatoly E. Vasiliev) is responsible for registration in the SPD. Specialists coming for a long period of time (more than 3 months) should visit the JINR HR&ID Office at the address indicated before as soon as possible. You should bring your passport with migration cards and 4 photos meeting the SPD requirements (size 3х4 cm, light background, your face should occupy 60-80 % of the image). Members of the employee's family, who have entered the country using the work visa of the family member for technical staff, should provide the same documents (no photos of children under 14 are needed). The employee's staying with his family members should be noted in the employment contract (i.e. in the PR letter about sending the employee and his family members for work). After registration in the SPD, specialists who have entered Russia using work visas for technical staff and their family members get one-year multiple-entry work visas in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The JINR ICD sends corresponding notes with documents to the MFA departments via forwarding of the Ministry made once a week (usually on Thursday), that is why the whole procedure may take 3 - 4 weeks. It means that you should not plan any business trips for this period.

If your work continues for more than 1 year, then you should visit the ICD with the passport to issue a new multiple-entry visa. The same applies to members of your family registered in the SPD.

If your work continues for more than 33 years, then your registration in the SPD is prolonged. To prolong it, it is necessary to bring the passport, the ID card and a photo different from that submitted during the first registration. Otherwise, it will be returned as a photo older than one year. Children can be registered in the SPD only until they are 18. Then they can prolong registration only if they continue their education in a Russian university providing a certificate from it (if a child is still a school student, the certificate from school should be presented). Prolongation of registration, in this case, will be annual. Renewed certificates should be provided each time. When work is finished, an employee should return to the ICD the ID card received from the SPD MFA when filling in an exit clearance form. The ICD cancels his registration after departure. If his family members stay with him, the ICD passes their IDs as well. A valid multiple-entry work visa should be used only for exit. Next time an employee will need to enter Russia using another visa. Of course, the same applies to his family members.

*Technical staff members of diplomatic missions, missions of international organizations has the status of technical staff members.