Health care

1.      The contact person for health care and medical insurance is a specialist of the Human Resources & Innovation Development Office (HR&ID Office) Galina M. Sidorenko (13, Joliot-Curie str., room 206, telephone: +7 (496) 216-31-30). You can get information material for the Institute staff "Regulation for medical care".

·        PROCEDURE for receiving medical care by JINR employees who are not citizens of the Russian Federation

·        BOOKLET to an insured JINR employee (a non-working family member) non-citizen of Russia on the procedure of receiving medical aid

2.      For any inquiries about medical care for JINR employees and their families, please contact the Medical Unit No. 9 (the Federal State-Funded Healthcare Institution Medical Unit No. 9 of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency, abbreviated name: FSFH Medical Unit No. 9 FMBA of Russia, address: 9, Leningradskaya str., telephone: +7 (496) 214-03-97, fax: +7 (496) 216-22-84, website: http://msch9fmba.ru).

3.      There is an agreement between JINR and the Medical Unit No. 9, as well as between JINR and the MAKS-M insurance company (https://www.makcm.ru/, 11 Flerova St, Dubna, +7 496 212-21-46, +7 496 212-21-47, +7 496 212-21-48), according to which all medical care for the Institute's staff in the frames of the CMI (compulsory medical insurance) and VMI (voluntary medical insurance) is provided in the Medical Unit No. 9. As part of the medical insurance certificate, it is possible to apply to other medical organizations only with the referral of a doctor of the Medical Unit No. 9 and consultation with the JINR HR&ID Office and MAKS-M.

4.      Polyclinic for children, address: 1, Vavilov str., phone numbers: +7 (496) 216-46-00, +7 (496) 212-88-67 additional 2, 8-800-550-50-30.

5.      The city is divided into districts; each district has its own children's doctor (district doctor) who sees sick children on various days at various times of the day.

6.      Children of foreign JINR employees do not have Russian medical insurance certificates (with a corresponding number). So, these children cannot be registered for the appointment via the Internet.

7.      Children of foreign staff members of the Institute receive a family member certificate in the JINR HR&ID Office on the basis of which it is possible to make an appointment with children's doctors.

8.      On the working day of the district doctor, a child can only be registered via the Internet. It is possible to register children with Russian-style medical insurance certificates. In case children have only family member certificates, you should come to the polyclinic without registration before the start of the doctor's appointments. The first two appointments are always allocated for children of foreign JINR employees (out of turn).

9.      To visit a medical specialist or a district doctor not on the current day, you can make an appointment by phone or at the registration desk of the polyclinic for children coming there in person.

10.  You can also call a children's doctor to your home using the phone numbers listed above.

11.   Moreover, you can call an ambulance to your home if necessary (if you are nearby, you can visit the ambulance station yourself): http://03.sos.dubna.tel/

·        Address of the ambulance station on the right bank of the Volga river in the Institute's Part of Dubna: 13A, Mir str., phone: +7 (496) 214-50-01, +7 (496) 216-62-44.

·        Address of the station on the left bank of the river: 30, Karl Marx str., phone: +7 (496) 215-45-35, +7 (496) 212-49-75.

·        General federal phone number of the rescue service: from a mobile phone - 112 (after response, dial: MEGAPHONE subscribers - 3, BEELINE - 003, MTS - 030).

12.  In Dubna, you can either visit private children's health care offices (requiring payment). For example, the medical centre "Kedr", address: MedCity, 22, Stantsionnaya str., to make an appointment and call a doctor to home, contact +7 (496) 212-80-60, website: http://dubna03.ru/med/index.html).

13.  Dentists for children: in case of acute pain, you can go to the dental clinic of the Medical Unit No. 9 (10, Mir str.) or the polyclinic for children (left bank of the Volga river, 7, Tsentralnaya str., telephone to make an appointment +7 (496) 215-49-00).

Only the left bank clinic can treat children's teeth as far as it is the only clinic with all necessary permits and licences for the treatment of children.

14.  Dental clinic for adults: a JINR employee possessing a VMI certificate can visit any dental clinic in case of acute pain and get free medical care. A CMI certificate holder (a family member of an employee or an employee working at JINR for less than a year) in this case may receive free medical care only in the dental clinic of the Medical Unit No. 9 (10, Mir str.).

15.  The owner of the CMI certificate can freely use only the services of the dental clinic of the Medical Unit No. 9 only (10, Mir str.).

16.  For dental treatment and prosthetics, you should pass the following procedure:

·        A person with a VHI certificate applies to the HR&ID Office and gets the list of dental clinics providing necessary services, chooses the clinic and gets there a certificate specifying the proposed types of treatment (prosthetics) and their prices).

·        The certificate should be presented to the HR&ID Office where the cost limit for dental procedures is checked for a particular person. There are different cost limits for each employee. The amount of it depends on the length of service and the type of medical insurance.

·        After receiving approval, you should visit the city branch of the MAKS-M insurance company for final approval of expenses.

·        Then, it is possible to start treatment (prosthetics).