How to come to JINR not for employment?
  • If you want to take part in a JINR scientific event, the first thing to do is to register for the event on its website or contact the organizing committee.

All further issues regarding visa, transfer from an airport in Moscow to Dubna and back, accommodation, access to the venue (the event may take place in the city so that the access will be free, or it may be held in the guarded territory of the Institute and then a pass will be needed), payment of the conference fee, and others will be decided on with the organizing committee of the event.

  • If you participate in joint projects or an experiment, then your research partner from the cooperating JINR laboratory hosting you will be responsible for issuing all documents necessary for your arrival (reception order).

To execute the Order, he will need the copy of your passport, position and organization you work for. RF citizens should also present INN and SNILS. The Order is processed by the JINR Visit Centre that invites you to register in the database of visitors and will decide jointly with you the issues of getting the visa, transfer from a Moscow airport to Dubna and back, accommodation, access to the guarded territory of the Institute, etc.