How to settle in Dubna?

How to settle in Dubna?

An employee who is your contact person will inform you about your place of residence. But you can learn about available options in advance:

a. If you come for an internship for less than 1 year, you will be accommodated in the hotel on 2, Moscovskaya str. However, please note that since December 2019 and up to the end of works (planned for March 2021), the building of the hotel is closed for repairs. Therefore, you can get alternative accommodation in another place by agreement.  It may be either an apartment of the JINR housing stock or rented housing (a three-party agreement is signed in this case).

b. In case you have a long-term internship for more than 1 year, you can apply for a company-owned apartment in advance. It is necessary to specify this information when filling in the application form/s and/or submitting the application/s before the departure (see the rules and requirements of your country). Corporate apartments are furnished: there is basic kitchen equipment like a stove and a refrigerator, blankets, pillows, bed linen, 1-2 towels. There are no dishes in the apartments. If you choose to live in the corporate apartment, you should fetch the keys after the arrival at the reception of the Dubna hotel (8, Veksler str.). A driver is aware of it so he will first deliver you to the hotel to get the keys and then will drive you to the apartment. Please note that there is no internet connection in the apartment (see Connecting to the Internet in the apartment of the JINR housing stock).