Kids issues

To enrol children at school and pre-school institutions of Dubna, parents should first collect a set of documents:

1.      Birth certificate with translation into Russian. Translation should be notarized with a seal.

2.      Parents' passports with the notarized translation.

3.      Medical card of a child, vaccination records.

4.      Registration in Dubna (it is possible to get registration in the JINR corporate apartment in the HRCM Office)

5.      SNILS

6.      Registration on the portal GOSUSLUGI.RU is required

List of notaries

The first step is to choose a school or a kindergarten. The list of schools and preschool educational organizations: http://www.goruno-dubna.ru/uchrezdenia/uchrezdenia.htm

Enroling a child into the chosen school or kindergarten is carried out via the Gosuslugi portal on which the preregistration is necessary.

To register on the GOSUSLUGI portal, you need to get an individual insurance account number (SNILS). It is better to make a SNILS for a child as well, as far as it will be necessary for receiving a travel ticket and may be useful for other goals as well. You can register on the GOSUSLUGI portal and receive a SNILS in the Multifunctional centre of Dubna (MFC) https://mfc-dubna.ru/. There are computers in the MFC. The staff of the centre can help you fill in applications and this will be much more convenient and easier than trying to deal with documents at home yourself. Registration on the portal is carried out in the "standard" mode first. It is preferable to certify it (you can either do it online or in the MFC) to submit other applications in the future.

Application for admission to an educational institution is submitted in the electronic format via the GOSUSLUGI portal. In this case registration in the "standard" mode is enough. You should attach the documents listed above in the electronic format to the application. On the next day, you should bring these documents (their copies) to the school.

If a child is not going to attend a state or a public school and is registered for home or alternative schooling, registration may be made in the chosen organization without registration via the Gosuslugi portal. If parents work and pay taxes in the Russian Federation, then they have the right to submit an application for a tax deduction of 13 % for the services they paid. The maximum amount of the tax deduction is the amount of paid taxes.

At school, a "personal profile" for each child is created, and when a child is transferred from another school in Russia, the profile is transferred as well and remains with the child. In case a child has completed previous grades at a foreign school, then you will need a transcript with the translation into Russian.

Medical record In Russian schools, there are doctor's offices. Doctors regularly examine children and monitor their vaccinations. Before the admission to a school, a tuberculosis test (Mantoux test or diaskin-test) is required. Then a child is necessarily examined; his health group is determined for PE classes (decrease of the load and requirements at PE lessons are possible).

Enrolment in clubs (art schools, music schools) is carried out via the GOSUSLUGI portal. In this case, you should possess confirmed residence registration. The set of documents is the same as for enrolment at schools. Enrolment in clubs is usually carried out at the beginning of the academic year. The application should be submitted annually.

For enrolment in sports and choreographic clubs, a doctor's certificate is required. Some clubs require the results of the ECG test. Moreover, to attend classes in a swimming pool, you should present a medical certificate. You should keep in mind that various clubs require medical certificates of various kinds. Some of them are issued in the doctor's office at school, some of them are issued by specialists of polyclinics for children. Leaders of clubs will share more details:

·        Polyclinic for children No.1 (Institute's part of the city, 1, Vavilova str., phone number of the registration desk: +7 (496) 216-46-00, extension number 3)

·        Polyclinic for children No.1 (branch) (Bolshaya Volga district, 19, Entuziastov str., bld. 2, phone number: +7 (496) 216-46-00, extension number 6)

·        Polyclinic for children (Left bank district of Dubna, 30, Karla Marxa str., phone number of the registration desk +7 (496) 216-46-00, extension number 2)

8 (800) 550-50-30 - telephone for making appointments with a doctor, calling a doctor to home. To make an appointment on the website, follow the link https://uslugi.mosreg.ru/zdrav/