Medical insurance

·        PROCEDURE for receiving medical care by JINR employees who are not citizens of the Russian Federation

·        BOOKLET to an insured JINR employee (a non-working family member) non-citizen of Russia on the procedure of receiving medical aid

1.      After signing an employment contract, medical insurance certificates are issued in the HR&ID Office in the frames of the Compulsory medical insurance (CMI) to a JINR staff member and his family.

2.      Family members are a spouse and minor children (under 18) or children over 18 in case they study at a university (student status certificate is required). The persons listed above are considered as family members in the frames of the JINR regulations only if the plenipotentiary representative approves their arrival in such a composition.

3.      An employee can make a request to the JINR Directorate for payment the CMI costs to other close family members (parents, a brother, a sister) living together with him at the JINR expenses.

4.      After one year of work at JINR, an employee is entitled to get medical insurance certificate in the frames of the Voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

5.      Family members do not have this right; they can use only CMI certificates. There is no opportunity to purchase a VMI certificate for them even for money.

6.      In case the treatment excesses the CMI but is possible in the frames of VMI, a doctor provides a certificate to an employee for the treatment (examination) with its cost. If the cost does not exceed 4,000 rubles, then an employee can visit the MAKS-M insurance company (https://www.makcm.ru/, 11 Flerova St., Dubna, +7 49621 2-21-46, +7 49621 2-21-47, +7 49621 2-21-48) to get the company's approval to pay for this kind of treatment. If the cost of the treatment exceeds 4,000 rubles, then first an employee should apply to the HR&ID Office to get the consent. After that, an employee should visit the MAKS-M company.  

7.      All kinds of treatment beyond VHI (for staff members of the Institute) and CMI (for their family members, as well as employees working at JINR for less than a year) are paid by an employee himself.

8.       In each of the indicated cases, an employee can make a request to the JINR Directorate for partial or full compensation for treatment costs at the JINR expenses.

9.      The MAKS-M company has agreements with a large number of medical organizations all around Russia. That is why JINR staff members and their family members can get medical care in them if necessary (illness during a business trip or holiday) in the frames of CMI or VMI. The list of such organizations is available in the central office of the MAKS-M, but you can get the addresses of the nearest ones in the Dubna branch of the company.

10.  Treatment outside Dubna requires approval from a representative of the MAKS-M company. Telephone consultation is available only with the Dubna branch of the MAKS-M company (phone number +7 (496) 212-21-46) only in Russian and only on working days and working hours.

11.  In case of an accident or other emergency when emergency medical aid is needed, you should contact the nearest ambulance station. Emergency medical aid is free of charge throughout Russia.