Rules for bicyclists

Additional requirements for bicyclists and moped drivers: changes as of 8 April 2020

24.1. Bicyclists aged over 14 shall use bicycle, shared paths or bicycle lanes.

24.2. Bicyclists over 14 are allowed to ride:

on the right side of the roadway in the following cases:

there are no bicycle, shared paths, bicycle lanes or there is no opportunity to use them;

the overall width of the bicycle, its trailer or its cargo exceeds 1 m.

 Bicyclists are allowed to ride in columns

 on the roadside in case there are no bicycle or shared paths, bicycle

lanes or there is no opportunity to use them. They are allowed to use the right

side of the roadway

Cyclists are also allowed to use sidewalks or pedestrian paths in the following cases:

 if there is no bicycle or shared path, bicycle lanes and there is no opportunity to use them as well as to ride on the right side of the roadway or wayside;

 A cyclist under 14 must be accompanied by another cyclist. A cyclist

shall transport a child under 7 on an additional seat, in a baby carriage or in

a trailer designed for use with a bicycle.

24.3. Bicyclists aged 7 - 14 must use only sidewalks, pedestrian, bicycle and shared paths within pedestrian zones only.

24.4. Bicyclists under the age of 7 must use only sidewalks, pedestrian and shared paths (on the pedestrian side) within pedestrian zones only.

24.5. When driving on the right side of the roadway in cases specified in the Rules, bicyclists must move only in one row.

Columns of bicyclists are allowed to move in two rows only if the overall width of bicycles does not exceed 0,75 m.

 Columns must be divided into the groups of 10 cyclists in case of a one-row movement and into groups of 10 pairs in case of a 2-row riding. To make overtaking easier, there should be a distance of 80 - 100 m between the groups.

24.6. If a bicyclist riding along a sidewalk, a pedestrian path, a roadside or within the pedestrian zone endangers or creates obstacles to the movement of other persons, he must dismount and follow the requirements specified in the Rules for pedestrian traffic.

24.7. Moped drivers must move on the right side of roadways in one row or use lanes for bicycles.

Moped drivers are allowed to use the roadside if it does not cause obstacles to the movement of pedestrians.

24.8. Bicyclists and moped drivers are prohibited:

to ride bicycles, mopeds without holding the steering wheel with at least one hand;

 to transport cargo exceeding the sizes of bicycles for more than 0,5 m in length or width or cargo causing difficulties for riding;

to transport passengers if the vehicle is not designed for it;

 to transport children under 7 without specially equipped seats;

 to turn left or turn around on the roads with tram movement and on the roads with more than 1 lane for the movement in each direction (except for cases when it is allowed to turn left from the right lane and except for roads within bicycle zones);

to move on roads without a fastened helmet (for moped riders);

 to cross the road at crosswalks.

24.9. It is forbidden to tow bicycles and mopeds as well as to tow by bicycles and mopeds, except for towing trailers designed for use with bicycles or mopeds.

24.10. When driving at night or in low visibility conditions, cyclists and moped drivers are recommended to have items with light-reflective elements and to make them visible to drivers of other vehicles.

24.11. In the bicycle zone:

Cyclists have an advantage over power-driven vehicles and can move along the entire width of the road intended for movement in this direction subject to the requirements of paragraphs 9.1(1)-9.3 and 9.6-9.12 of the Regulations.

 Pedestrians are allowed to cross the road in any place if the

requirements of paragraphs 4.4-4.7 of the Regulations are met.




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