When and how is the contract signed?

The day after your arrival, until 12:00 PM, you should visit the HR&ID Office of JINR at the address 13, Joliot-Curie str., room 205, 2nd floor, to launch the employment procedures. Foreign employees of JINR are registered by a staff member of the HR&ID Office: tel. +7 (496) 216-34-38, +7 (496) 216-26-24. To speed up the procedures, it is preferable to arrange the arrival on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday since the briefing is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 PM. It lasts about 1 hour.

After passing the briefing, you should come back to the HR&ID Office with a certificate.

1. You will receive the application for issuing a short-term and long-term pass to the Institute;

2. An HR&ID Office employee will launch the drafting of your employment contract, which is usually ready within a week. The signing of the contract is also carried out in the HR&ID Office.

After signing the employment contract in the HR&ID Office, it will be necessary to fill in the application for your direction to the JINR laboratory according to your speciality. 

It is necessary to bring two matte photos of the size 4,5х6 cm (for the pass to the Institute) and two photos of the size 3х4 cm (for the HR&ID Office file). If you do not have photos, you can make them in Dubna. The nearest photo studio is located at 7, Meshcheryakov str. (entrance to the basement floor from the end of the building).

You can also apply for compensation for travel/flight from your country in the HR&ID Office in case the ticket has not been purchased by JINR. If your travel expenses are paid by the sending organization, it is necessary to provide its banking details. If you pay by yourself, it is necessary to bring the documents specified in the section "Who does purchase a ticket to Russia?" and your bank account number (you can either get compensation in cash in rubles at the JINR cash desk, the same building, ground floor, go to the right from the entrance).  

After the arrival, an employee gets a so-called installation allowance (a one-time payment in the amount of the established salary). Every member of his family (specified in the letter from PR as accompanying him during work at JINR) receives installation allowance too in the amount of 25% of the employee's salary.