Every year, researchers from all over the world come to JINR and they are completely different people: engineers, physicists, teachers, students and many others.

Some one work here for years, and some come only for a couple of weeks, only once a year, but all of them are united by the desire to make a contribution to world science.

For all of us it is important to have a comfortable environment for work and life, where time becomes the most important resource, especially when it comes to finding the right information.

MC2 or JINR Magazine (Magazine and Club in JINR), it is more than just a Magazine. It allows you to accumulate, organize and share the knowledge, freeing up a time for discovery, and let you feeling like at home.

Some companies offer discounts for the JINR stuff and guests with JINR access card. You can familiarize yourself with conditions after clicking the company page on the website.