Employment by the assignment of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the native country

After the PR has sent to JINR a letter with a request to consider the possibility of your employment (the letter also specifies members of your family), and JINR Director orders to launch consideration of the request, the HR&ID Office of JINR applies to the specified JINR laboratory. The laboratory considers the candidate and gives its resolution.

If the answer is positive, the laboratory informs you about the financial terms (salary) that can provide. The HR&ID Office applies to the Hotel & Restaurant Complex Management Office (HRCM Office) to provide accommodation to the arriving person. It also applies to the JINR International Cooperation Department (ICD) to regulate the issues of getting the visa. After that, the HR&ID Office formulates the JINR response to PR on his request.

PR informs you of the conditions under which JINR can accept you.

Then, the host laboratory or the head of the scientific group (hereinafter - the contact person) will keep in touch with you to determine the exact arrival date and other issues.