Who does purchase a ticket to Russia? Who will meet me in Moscow? What if my flight is delayed?

JINR can purchase tickets for you if necessary. However, not all the JINR Member States are allowed to use this opportunity. The head of the national group makes a corresponding request. To do this, it is preferable to specify the desired departure day and flight(s). In case you already know the number of luggage pieces, it is better to inform about it in advance. In this case, a ticket with several luggage places will be purchased, or your luggage costs in excess of the ticket rate will be compensated after the arrival.

A coming specialist can purchase an economy class ticket on his own. JINR compensates ticket and luggage costs if a specialist provides an electronic ticket, a boarding pass and a luggage payment receipt. If payment is made with a card, it is necessary to provide the bank statement from the personal account in the bank in which the payment is specified. If you choose "Aeroflot" for flight and pay with a card, the company will automatically send a receipt voucher. It is not necessary to present the bank statement if you have such a voucher. If an arriving specialist buys a ticket by himself, it is necessary to send the copy of the ticket (or tickets in case a specialist will come with the family) not later than a week before the departure for JINR to provide transport from the airport. Information about tickets and the amount of luggage is necessary to choose an appropriate transport for transfer from Moscow.

How to recognize the driver? Who will meet me in Moscow?

Before the departure, you will get details about a meeting with a driver (place, full name, phone number, signs for you to recognize him). A driver of the JINR company car usually waits at the exit of the green hall with the sign "DUBNA". He can wait for you in another place as well if necessary. You should agree on it in advance, not later than 2 working days before arrival in Moscow.

What if my flight is delayed?

The driver is instructed to wait at the airport for 3 hours after the expected arrival time. If the flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 3 hours, then please immediately inform the contact person you keep in touch with about it. We will try to unite you with other people arriving at this airport and going to Dubna by JINR transport. If you arrive in time but there is a delay for more than 3 hours at passport control or baggage claim, please contact the driver in case you can speak Russian. If you cannot speak Russian, then contact the contact person.